Manicures & Nails

Spa Manicure

Improve the condition and appearance of your hands and nails with The Soul Retreat signature spa manicure. While benefiting from nail shaping, cuticle care, skin exfoliation and a sensual hand and arm massage, you also gain an added boost of moisturisation from one of our two specially designed treatments.

Close up of a womans hand, and another pair of hands applying nail varnish to her finger nails.

You can either opt for a moisturising hand mask with a thermal mitten therapy session, or a warming paraffin wax dip, both leaving your hands feeling revitalised and ready for action. To finish the treatment, an application of your choice of polish will be applied to your newly manicured nails.

Standard Manicure

You can’t hide your hands, so why not make them look their best. Our Standard Manicure gives you nail shaping, cuticle attention, skin exfoliation and moisturisation along with an application of polish chosen from our extensive range of colours to give you hands worth showing off.

Manicure Price List

Spa Manicure
(1 hour)£26.00

Standard Manicure
(45 mins)£22.00

File and Polish
(20 mins)£10.00

Gel or Acrylic Extensions  – £30.00

NSI Gel Overlay – £22 / £25.00 (lasts for 2/3 weeks)




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